Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Keyboard Shortcuts Everybody Should Know-1

to open my computer

Ctrl+ F4
to close any tab

Alt+ F
file menu option in current program

Alt+ Tab
switch between open programs

universal help in every windows programs

Rename a selected file

Refresh the current program

Goes to beginning of current line

Ctrl+ Home
Go to beginning of document

Shift + Home
Highlights from current position to beginning of line

Goes to end of current line

Ctrl + End
Go to end of Document

Shift + End
Highlight from current position to end of line

Alt + Enter
Open the properties for the selected ietms

Ctrl + N
Create a new/blank document in some programs

Ctrl +O
Open a file in current program

Ctrl + A
Select all text

Ctrl + B
Make selected text Bold

Ctrl + I
Change selected text into italic

Ctrl + U
Create underline for selected text

Ctrl + F
Open find/search window in current document or window

Ctrl + S
Save current file

Ctrl + C
Copy the selected items

Ctrl + X
Cut the selected items

Ctrl + V
Paste the copied/ cut item

Ctrl +P
Print the current file or ducument


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